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Thank you for this inspiring talk, Dumi. What struck me — and what I think emerged from what you identified as your ability to connect with people from all backgrounds (I got such a lovely sense of this BTW) — was how you identified education as a route to helping you with your goals, but also presumably as a crucial means of establishing new networks. I think we tend to assume this is something that ‘just happens’, particularly in elite schools and universities, but you reminded me that a) it is something most people have to work at and b) all education institutions can be places for establishing lifelong, meaningful and productive networks.


If you don’t identify your destination and a route to get there, your trip may not be successful! Thanks for sharing your tips and the reality of what it takes to make your “trip” a success.


Thanks for your helpful tips, Dumi, especially for your powerful introductory sentence: “whatever your current circumstances, you can move from where you are to where you want to be”! This is definitely gonna be my new mantra!
Stephanie: Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking words of wisdom, Dumi! It has been a challenge for me to identify specific career goals, which then makes it a challenge to start the subsequent steps of accounting for tools I already have and how to connect those tools to my goal. Despite this frustration, I am inspired to deeply explore my interests in order to hone in my efforts the way that you did.


Thank you. Even our careers require systems approach focusing on strategy, people (sometimes ourselves) and process. The roadmap is an output that delivers the outcomes. The operational aspects of the doing, is the passion and commitment to action daily. Being human gets in the way sometimes, and having people like you and programs like this motivate our souls to keep the fire burning and the shoes moving! 🙂 Thank you!

Said: “Never let your background keep you in the background.” Awesome.
Caroline: Thank you for sharing Dumi. I will never let my background keep me in the background. Well said and God bless you for all you do.


Loved your interview with May Burch. Being authentic is hard! But better be authentic then follow the heard that's our own individuality. Humbled by your story, when you want a change and help a wide audience that's a good approach.
Natalie: I watched your video on Career Mastery and I am impressed on your purpose of helping other people and bravely making life choices that pursues that even when that means getting less pay or maybe doing things the harder way. I would love to connect with you and meet you someday.


Great talk with May on CMK2018! I am also in a career change, can you say midlife crisis, and have been following a similar path to your suggestions. The additional ideas you mentioned will surely help me on my path. Thanks for sharing.


Hello! I am excited to connect with you after listening to you at May Busch's recent Career Mastery event! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on diversity, potential and talent, truly inspiring, worth re-listening to and, most importantly, applying!


Greetings Dumi! I just finished watching your interview with May on her Career Mastery Series. Your talk was so inspiring. I love your recommendation about shifting your mindset from victim to ownership and really knowing and owning your gifts. Lots to think about. I would like to connect.


Loved your amazing interview with May Busch. I left a long comment on the page too. I'd like to connect with you here! You are a great example for many values that I stand for. Keep up the great work you are doing, our world truly needs more people like you!


I like that you emphasized that by being true to ourselves, our “full selves” as you mentioned is key to achieving our purpose and making an impact in the world. I truly love your story that there is no barrier to meeting our purpose if only we would work hard, invite others who are supportive of us, and even putting trust to our fellow human beings. I will check your LinkedIn profile and connect. Hope you accept. Great tips Dumi!

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