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The Purpose2Impact Motivational Talk

Rev your life engine with Oxford-educated Global Career Coach Dumi Senda

Hi, Coach Dumi Senda here. I want to share a story with you!

During a recent trip to Johannesburg South Africa, where I delivered a Career Insight talk at the University of the Witwatersrand, a young man called George Mukwawaya came forward with a bald request. He wanted to know my personal story and how I managed to pull myself “out of a place of being stuck!”

“I would like to know more about your personal story and how you managed to pull yourself out of a place of being stuck!”.

The request was not unfamiliar; people of different ages and at different stages of their careers and lives have asked me similar questions before.

I promised George that I’d share my story with him after my trip. Two weeks later, George sent me a reminder on WhatsApp. I wanted to respond but got side-tracked by my busy schedule. However, George did not give up! He tracked down my email address and sent me another gentle reminder. His determination was as amazing as it was revealing;

It got me thinking; how many people out there could benefit from the insight being sought by George? Just how many people are going through life feeling stuck? The truth is, one person is one person too many. Yet there are billions of people who feel there MUST be more to their lives, careers, relationships etc.

According to research, there are twice as many people in the world that hate their jobs than there are that feel happy and fulfilled. How tragic, considering we have just the one go at life! I should know because for ten years, I was one of the dead-living - stuck in a life of menial labour with no prospects.

But I also know that there is hope, if you are, on the one hand, fed up enough to reject your current limitations, and on the other hand, prepared to do what it takes to get the outcomes you desire.

These are the two drivers that enabled me to go from a life of menial labour with no prospects to Oxford University Master’s graduate and internationally-sought Career Coach in just 4 years.

You too, can transform your life to be what you want it to be. The key is connecting to your life purpose, and that’s the easy bit - because life purpose is something all of us are created and born with. The difficult bit is knowing what your life purpose is and how to leverage it.

That day in Johannesburg South Africa, I made a promise to George that I intend to keep. And thanks to George’s perseverance, I will share strategies for getting unstuck with people across the world, drawing on key moments in my life such as;

 My childhood in Zimbabwe

 Battles to ‘settle’ in the UK

 Escaping a life of menial labour

 Unusual route to success

So, if you feel there MUST (not should) … must be more to your career and life; More success? More impact? More happiness and fulfilment? If you know you MUST (not should) … must rev your life engine and get the wheels spinning towards your desired outcomes: join my Purpose2Impact Motivational Talk at a City nearest to you.

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