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Go Getter! Career Podcast for Schools

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Sign up to Go Getter! Career Podcast for Schools and let your students to discover their career potential from Coach Dumi’s 7 Steps that made him go from no prospects to Oxford University Master’s Graduate and internationally sought-after Career Coach in just four years.

Go Getter! Career Podcast for Schools will give your students;

  • The confidence to aspire for greater career and life goals

  • Tried, tested and proven approaches to achieve career success

  • Awareness of global career opportunities

The Package includes;

  1. 48 Hr access to Go Getter! for Schools podcast

  2. Unlimited number of students can listen - We recommend organising listening sessions for each year group

  3. A complimentary live 1 Hr Q&A session with Dumi Senda via Skype (subject to availability)

  4. Go Getter! Certificates for students

  5. A special mention of your school on Dumi’s Newsletter with a global reach. Please send a video clip or picture showing students holding their Go Getter! Certificates for inclusion in the special publication!