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The Enjoyable Life Series - What's Your Story?

Come and be inspired through the life stories of others.

Participants will leave encouraged and motivated.

This is a place where people from all walks of life can come and connect with each other to learn, to share and to give back.


Are you finding it challenging to let go? Are you wondering if that tough life decision will work out for the best? Are you wanting to boost your confidence? Are you reflecting on what your life’s purpose could be? Are you stuck? Throughout the day, you will be provided with thought provoking insights, practices and tools that when applied will strengthen your personal effectiveness whilst impacting your whole person emotionally and mentally.

Speakers from Business, Education and Community tell their story from a place of who they are and not what they do or have.

Storytellers from all walks of life will share their stories - from a place of who they are and not what they do.

Here are our this year's storytellers:

Jane Furniss CBE - Lay Commissioner, Judicial Appointments Commission

Faith Ruto - Confidence Coach and Mentor Cherie Blair Foundation

Syreeta Brown - Managing Director at Citi

Mark Nichols - Chief Executive Officer, Xeros Technology Group

Hermann Trepesch - Police Officer and Diversity Consultant, Surrey Police

Peter Cheese - Chief Executive Officer, CIPD

Dumi Senda - Head of Student Attraction and Alumni Engagement - SEO London

Jo Iwasaki - Head of Corporate Governance, ACCA

Simon Chinnery - Head of DC Solutions Legal & General Investment Management

Theodora Pepera - Consultant Gynaecologist

Dorota J Bourne - Apprenticeship Programme Director, Henley Business School

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu - Founder and Board Director, Redington

We want to impact 1mn people by 2020 and we cannot achieve this without you.

Money raised will go towards two of our chosen charities: Dress for Success and The Passage.

Dress for Success is a global organisation whose mission is to empower women to reach economic independence by providing a free outfit of clothes and tips and techniques to be successful at Interview. They work with over 100 support organisations who refer women from various disadvantages in life such as long term unemployed, victims of sexual and domestic abuse, ex offenders, substance misuse, homelessness etc.

The Passage is a homeless charity which aims to provide resources which encourage, inspire and challenge homeless people to transform their lives. The Passage offers a wide range of services, all year round, to meet the varying and complex needs of homeless and vulnerable people. Their aim is to help them address the issues that have contributed to them being – or are keeping them – homeless, and to enable them to move on to live safe, happy and fulfilling lives.

We want to make our world a better place. A place where difference is valued and inclusion is a way of life - for the individual, the organisation and the community.