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Purpose2Impact - Motivational Talk Series

  • London Bridge Hive 1 Melior Place London, England, SE1 3SZ United Kingdom (map)

Just how many people are going through life feeling stuck?

The truth is, one person is one person too many. Yet there are billions of people who feel there MUST be more to their lives, careers, relationships etc.

Many people - such as the young man called George Mukwawaya I met during my recent trip in Johannesburg South Africa - where I delivered a Career Insight talk - have asked me to share my story of how I went from a life of menial labour with no prospects to Oxford University Master’s graduate and Global Career Coach in just four years!

What they really want to know is how they - too - can get unstuck and connect with their greatness!

That’s why I’m excited to invite anyone who’s ever felt like I felt - that there should be more to their lives, careers, relationships etc. - to join me on my motivational talk Purpose2Impact.

According to research, there are twice as many people in the world that hate their jobs, careers and lives than those that feel happy and fulfilled. Very tragic, considering we have just the one chance at life. I should know, I was one of the dead-living!

The turning point for me was taking the simple, yet transformational step of jumping from the passenger seat to the driver seat of my life. No longer a victim. No longer a blame-seeker. No longer a bystander.

My experience of being stuck in menial labour with no prospects taught me that life will happen! The question is, will you? It also taught me that there is hope if you are:

 Fed up enough to reject your current limitations, and

 Prepared to do what it takes to get the outcomes you desire.

Wherever you are in your life right now, you can choose - just like I did - to never let your background keep you in the background!

You have it in you to rise above your circumstances and live a life of purpose and impact. The question is - are you prepared to do more to become more?

That day in Johannesburg South Africa - I pledged to help people like George and many others across the world to rise above their current limitations and connect to their greatness. Join me on Purpose2Impact.

I will equip you with the right mindset to overcome adversity and achieve the life you desire, drawing on key moments of my life such as:

 Rising above my difficult childhood in Zimbabwe

 Rising above my struggles to settle in the UK

 My breakaway with a life of menial labour with no prospects

 My unusual route to career success and global impact.

Do what it takes. If not today, then when? If not you, then who?