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Leadership Group Coaching Session

for Founders, Senior Leaders and Managers in Health & Social Care



To equip Founders and Senior Leaders/Managers in Health and Social Care with the requisite self-awareness and knowhow to embody and dispense transformational leadership, that is visionary, inspirational, inclusive and impactful in order to generate:

1. Ownership amongst staff for the delivery of high-quality services

2. Fulfilment from services received for the service users

3. Positive business outcomes, such as profitability, efficiency and sustainability



Benefits for delegates

 Leadership capabilities to make sense of the complex workplace dynamics in highly pressurised workplace environments.

 Knowhow to deal with challenges to their resilience in ways that empower people around them, particularly staff, to take ownership of the organisational vision and mission by being more productive and inclusive.

 Self-awareness and develop their identity as transformational, inspirational, inclusive, responsive and impactful leaders in the Health and Social work sectors, recognising where they can take acts of leadership to influence the wider system; ultimately enabling them to have a greater impact on service users and wider communities.