PPMaP Ex - Personal Power Mastery Programme for Executives

PPMaP Ex is a holistic leadership development and support framework designed to help Executives achieve transformational leadership through leveraging;

1. Self-awareness and Impact Signatures

2. Visionary Leadership

3. Personal and Interpersonal Power

4. Positive Relationship-building Models

5. Conflict Management and Transcendence Strategies

6. Expert-positioning

7. Mentorship

PPMaP Ex is tailored to meet the pre-determined needs of clients and can be delivered one-to-one or for groups.

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PPMaP Ex is grounded by research conducted by Dumi Senda for his Master of Science degree at the University of Oxford and bachelor’s degree at Leeds Beckett University. It draws on power as being a window for exploring, understanding and exercising individual and relational capacities to achieve and manage change.