Your success is at your fingertips



This programme is for you if you are:

•    Starting out on your career journey and need tools that can enhance your success.
•    Trapped in a job and life that does not give you fulfilment and need practical, actionable and proven steps to unlock the career and life that you desire and deserve.
•    Prepared to invest in your personal and professional development to make meaningful changes and disrupt habits and patterns that hold you back. 

Research shows that there are twice as many people in the world that are not satisfied with their careers than those that are.  


Most people are frustrated by:

•    Not knowing what career pathway is right for them
•    Failing to get into careers of their choosing
•    Lack of job fulfilment  
•    Struggling to leverage their talents to progress

Success is at your fingertips!

To achieve the career and life that you desire and deserve, never leave your career success to chance. An effective way to take charge of your career is by learning from people that have faced similar circumstances to what you are facing and succeeded.

I have distilled the hardest lessons from my career journey into this transformational career programme to help you to;

·        Avoid approaches that are doomed to fail.

·        Gain the confidence to aspire for greater goals than what seems possible in your current circumstances.

·        Demystify the process of transitioning from a career of just getting by to genuine fulfilment. 

Why invest in GoGetter?

The content has been;
•    Recently voted “Top 10 Talk” by a global audience out of 30 presentations by World Experts, including FTSE 100 Company Executives on the Career Mastery Kickstart Online Summit convened by May Busch, former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe.

•    Used to coach/mentor students and professionals in competitive industries such as banking, finance, engineering, law, consultancy, and the civil service.
•    Helped students and professionals to secure career progression opportunities in leading City firms.
•    Presented at leading institutions such as the London Institute of Banking and Finance, and the London Royal Law Society amongst others. 
•    Priced to be affordable for people who need the programme the most, such as students, job seekers, early-career professionals and people looking for a change in career. 


Other benefits of investing

When you invest in GoGetter you gain; 
Discounted admission to my live webinars.
•    Discounted admission to my live webinars.
•    Admission to my mailing list where you receive my career tips and blog posts to keep you inspired and motivated.
•    Invitation to exclusive networking events, giving you access to my extensive networks.  

Bonus time!

Get access to my actionable tips shared during my interview with May Busch, former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe.