As a speaker who frequents global stages, I regularly encounter people with messages that could transform society if shared effectively. All too often such messages fall short on delivery!

I am here to help! 

I help individuals to realise and achieve their true impactful speaker potential through a tried and tested process that can turn a less than average speaker into an outstanding and compelling one!

I have helped business leaders, politicians, consultants and heads of global charities, sport personalities, and a BBC Master Chef Quarter finalist amongst others to gain the necessary confidence and knowhow to craft, package and deliver compelling presentations and keynote addresses. 

My clients and mentees have gone off to speak at conferences hosted by International corporations and organisations, and to develop strong brands that communicate socially impactful messages. 

Whether you are a student or professional, or a first time or regular speaker, I can help you to identify your niche, find your authentic voice and reach your true impactful speaker potential

My packages are tailored to meet your individual needs!

Register to receive information for my Group Impactful Speaker Coaching events near you.

The benefits include;
o    Participating in my fun and highly engaging half-day workshops for Impactful Speakers. 
o    Learning to value yourself, your message and potential impact. 
o    Gaining confidence to stand and deliver in front of an audience. 
o    Interacting with and learning from a diverse community of like-minded individuals. 
o    Testing your ideas and presentation skills to a live audience. 
o    Receiving feedback and guidance from me and from peers in real time!
o    Accessing discounted admission to my Executive Impactful Speaker Coaching and Purposeful Impactful You GPS. 

Register for Executive Impactful Speaker Coaching and receive one-to-one coaching that consists of a;

    2-hour face-to-face consultation on expert positioning, identifying your niche and crafting an effective message.
    2-hour face-to-face preparatory session on effective pitching and presenting your message with confidence and impact.
    2-hour delivery support session at a live event organised or sourced by client. 
    1-hour reflection and strategy session focusing on next steps.  

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