The Belonging Workshop

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Delivered by Oxford-educated Global Career Coach and Diversity + Inclusion Expert Dumi Senda



Based on the Southern African philosophy of UBUNTU, that promotes values such as forgiveness, patience, empathy and acceptance. Best described through the slogan, “I am because you are!”


To equip delegates with the awareness, knowhow and courage to embody, uphold and promote belonging in the workplace, while acknowledging, respecting and accepting difference.


Through the workshop, delegates will explore:

  1. What belonging means for them individually, as communities and as teams

  2. How belonging can differ from individual to individual, and across communities and teams

  3. The challenges and opportunities arising from having diverse views on belonging

  4. The benefits and limitations of the Ubuntu framework of belonging

  5. How to go from Aspiration to Action to make belonging “real in the workplace”

Activity description

The workshop provides a unique team learning experience, through the unusual mix of the energy and fun of African song and dance and the robust conceptual and practical mind-spray Coach Dumi is renowned for.


2 hours including Q&A

 Maximum # of delegates

20 per session



Ever attended a party where nobody welcomed you or bothered to get to know you? Chances are you can decide to walk away from such a party and not put up with the cold stares and silent treatment. However, you may not be at liberty to walk out of the workplace so easily, despite suffering alienation, just as, if not more acutely.

Unlike the blatantly unwelcoming party, the causes of alienation in the workplace are not always obvious and intentional. Research conducted by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2018 reveals that people who belong to in-groups are less likely to notice when people on the outside are feeling alienated. This should be a warning to anyone who cares about workplace dynamics to not leave belonging and inclusion to chance.

Mandela described Ubuntu as being like inviting a stranger to stop by in your village and have some food, water and rest before going on their merry way. The workshop gets delegates to explore the question:

What does it look like to turn your workplace into a metaphorical village, that is welcoming and accepting of colleagues and clients or customers of diverse backgrounds?  



Why be longing, when you can belong!


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