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Delivered by globally-acclaimed Career Coach Dumi Senda

How to Access Elite Universities and Top Global Firms

Who can Apply?

Exclusive Masterclass by application only! Access given to high value students assessed and confirmed to have great potential to be future top leaders in their countries of residence and globally.

Masterclass Description

The students will benefit from Coach Dumi’s first-hand insights of attending one of the best Universities in the world, the University of Oxford. The Masterclass will also draw on indepth knowledge gained by Dumi delivering career development programmes across approximately 122 Universities and top firms across elite industries such as finance and banking, law, human rights, engineering and consultancy.

The Masterclass will focus on;

 Developing an Influencer Mind-set

 Accessing Top Universities and Firms

 Positioning Yourself as a Global Leader

To be considered for Admission in the Masterclass, complete the survey bellow providing as much information as possible;

1. Personal details: Name & Surname, Age

2. Current occupation/activities:

3. Your leadership ambitions/goals? (50 words max)

4. Why do you believe you have potential for top leadership? (200 words max)

5. State 3 things you wish to learn/gain from the masterclass

Application process: On submitting a complicated form expressing your interest to be admitted to the Masterclass, you will receive notification on whether you have been admitted or not within 7 working days. If you are not admitted during any application, you can review your application and re-submit as many times as you wish. Note that due to its in-depth and exclusive nature, places are extremely competitive and limited.