Student Self-Awareness Career Workshop
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Student Self-Awareness Career Workshop

Along with the pressures of successfully completing their studies, students increasingly have to deal with additional demands of getting early industry exposure to have a chance at securing internship opportunities and jobs. The additional demands can compromise students’ abilities to prioritise values that enhance their personal and professional development such as authenticity and individuality.

More than ever, students require help to gain the necessary confidence and knowhow to leverage their identities, values, interests and talents in order to stand out in a highly competitive jobs market - avoiding knee-jerk reactions to fit perceived images of ‘the perfect candidate’.

I am here to help!
My workshop helps to equip students with the clarity, confidence and knowhow necessary to position themselves for career success in a competitive jobs market by;
    Being motivated to achieve ambitious career objectives. 
    Developing strategies to navigate actual and potential barriers to their career trajectories. 
    Gaining a healthy understanding of Commercial Awareness that is informed by Self Awareness.
    Developing skills and strategies to gain career-enhancing opportunities in industries that are aligned to their values, interests, talents and life purpose. 

How I do it!

Ahead of the workshop, participants are encouraged to read my article entitled “How Commercial Awareness Without Self-Awareness Limits Young People’s Potential to Succeed in the ‘World of Work’” at this link.

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